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Uncle Sam is holding Millions of Dollars of Unclaimed Funds!

Unclaimed MoneyThe amount of UNCLAIMED FUNDS in the U.S. has reached an all-time high. Currently over $30 BILLION is held in federal & state accounts. That means 7 of every 10 Americans have money owed to them that is being held by the government. In other words, it's very likely you have UNCLAIMED MONEY waiting for you!

Here are some forms of forgotten money that flows daily into Government Unclaimed Property accounts.

Unclaimed Money Arrow Death Benefits Unclaimed Money Arrow Tax Returns Unclaimed Money Arrow 401(k) Benefits Unclaimed Money Arrow Safety Deposit
Unclaimed Money Arrow Stock Dividends Unclaimed Money Arrow Money Orders Unclaimed Money Arrow Utility Deposits Unclaimed Money Arrow Insurance Dividends
Unclaimed Money Arrow Pension Funds Unclaimed Money Arrow Refunds Unclaimed Money Arrow Life Insurance Unclaimed Money Arrow Uncashed Checks

Many of the companies & businesses you have daily contact with have money or refunds that are owed to people just like you. If you move and they cannot contact you they generally hold your assets for three years. If they cannot locate you, they turn the money over to the government.

Why hasn’t the Government told the public about Unclaimed Funds? The government collects all of these assets and holds them until you collect your money. If you never collect the money the government collects interest on the cash forever. Plus the government uses these funds to give itself short-term loans when additional funds are needed. The government has no obligation to contact you, in fact they want to hang on to your money for as long as possible to keep the gravy train rolling for them.

Just think about how much cash you may have waiting for you. Your new found knowledge can also help you find money owed to family, friends, and co-workers. You'll learn the inside secrets about finding unclaimed funds and you'll be amazed by the results!

You may have seen special reports on unclaimed money on Oprah®, CNN®, The Wall Street Journal Report, CNBC®, Montel Williams®, and Dateline NBC®.

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